Management, housekeeping, privacy and control of corporate data is an important part of running any business. What ever you do in business, whether its financial information, stock control and products, club membership, customers, or suppliers, data has to be stored and managed. Working with this data effectively, and centrally, is very important to making your business resilient and efficient.

Microsoft Excel, together with Microsoft Access, is an effective and popular method in corporate data storage and for use in data manipulation, mailing lists etc. However, with no effective auditing or logging, information can easily be changed without knowledge and equally be accidentally permanently deleted. SQL Server provides a secure and stable alternative complete with many other advantages including speed and corporate flexibility.

DitroniX would analyse your individual requirements, procedures and data control, then take your future requirements and provide a suitable proposal to design and implement a system including any Windows or Web based application, providing a connection to a suitable database to suit your exact corporate needs.

  • Database:  Design, Support, Mapping, Conversion and Migration
  • Types: Microsoft Excel, Access, Text Files, SQL Server and MySQL Supported
  • Custom:  Database Applications and Utilities
  • Recovery: Data recovery and restoration
  • Reporting: Customised and Specialist Management Reports
  • Housekeeping: Data Cleaning, Manipulation, Merging and Conversion
  • Interfacing: Importing, Exporting and Real-Time Data Control
  • Creation: Field Data Entry, Monitoring, Capture and Merging

Centralising your various corporate data is also about effective IT management. Our experience allows us to not only provide new solutions, but also to look at supporting and managing your existing software and database systems.

Integration of third party programs, utilities, applications and services like Skype and Sage can add a host of new features to your database or windows application, so improving communications efficiently and saving time. Examples of these include SMS Text Messaging, Email, Customer Web Chat and automated PDF documents.

Data housekeeping, database cleaning, or ‘scrubbing’, and conversion services is also available. Data cleaning is a process of detecting and removing and/or correcting the unwanted, duplicate, incorrect, redundant, unformatted, out-of-date or incomplete data in a database.  The Benefits of our data cleaning services are improved data accuracy, data consistency, data integrity and removal of duplicated data .

If your business has a new or existing need to make improvements in its data control and management, we would be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.


Customer and Corporate integrity of network topology and security information, together with data confidentiality, and more recently GDPR, has always been front line and aligns with our standard services.

We have current Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Clearance and are fully registered as an ICO Data Protection Officer, with the Information Commissioners Office Data Protection Act 1998.

Your confidentiality is important to us and we are happy to enter into any agreement, or NDA.

For further details of Databases and Database Application related solutions and how we can help you, please feel free to contact us.


With the vast range of off-the-shelf software available, it is still important to get the right product, or solution, for your company.  The alternative is a bespoke solution that tailors for your needs to remove, work arounds, or extra functions, are required.

Off-the-shelf database programs, such as Microsoft Excel, can be a popular method for manipulating data. Such products are not intended for integrated processes as their is often no mechanism for error checking or duplicate entries.  This can get very messy and not the ideal for long term data management. Equally no auditing is maintained and important data can get easily lost.

DitroniX specialise in looking closely at your specific business requirements, procedures, paper trails and systems, quite often with a holistic view of other important needs you may have, and then work with you to provide the right and most cost effective solution.

  • Bespoke Software Integration and User Programs
  • Bespoke Databases and Management
  • Custom Utilities and Software Functions
  • Custom Sage Integration and user Interfaces

A bespoke solution quite often is a mix of a Database and Windows or Web based software application. However, these need to integrate together to meet your corporate needs and equally ease of use for the users.

Corporate data, however small, or large, the company, normally has some interaction with an accounting system (Sales, purchase or stock control ledger for example). Processes are currently manual or automated and as an established Sage Developer we have the experience of looking at how this can be better managed.

Looking at your accounting and data needs of a company, together with existing procedures, we are able to provide a suitable custom Microsoft Windows, Web based application or database which will directly and securely interface into your Sage data.

For further details of our bespoke software and database solutions and we they can help you, please feel free to contact us.

Welcome to DitroniX

Established in 1981, DitroniX, founded by Dave Williams, provides a range of Electronic Engineering, Design, Testing and Product Certification support, together with Software, Firmware and Database Development, and importantly, always ensure we deliver a high level of personal service to all our customers.

Our consultancy and support services include:

  • Electronics – R&D Design, EMC Compliance, Testing, Prototyping, Embedded, SMT, Schematic, PCB and RF
  • Certification – Product Certification Consultancy, Pre-compliance, Fault Finding, Full Compliance and Documentation
  • Developer – Bespoke Software, Firmware, Test Systems, Automation and Integration

Our customers include a broad range of Self-employed and SME Businesses, Global Industrial Companies, Technology & Engineering Manufacturers, IoT, Home Automation, Innovation, Corporates, Scientific, Airports, Institutions, Distribution, Charities, Manufacturing, ODM, Retail, Financial, Associations, Flying Clubs, Building and Construction, Service Industry, IT Support, Legal and Professional companies.


Integration services and support:

  • Databases – SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Excel, MySQL and Data File Conversion
  • Sage – Software Developer for Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll.   Integration and Utilities
  • Integration – Database, Social Media, Sage, eCommerce, EPOS and Legacy Systems
  • Support – Software, Databases, Sage, Consultancy, Corporate Website and Networks

DitroniX solutions have ranged from bespoke software, embedded firmware, database and utilities, that meet specific demands within business, right through to larger integrated projects like DAISY Airport Information System

For further details of our services and how we can help you, please feel free to contact us.


DitroniX Downloads

File Type and Description
DAISY Airport Information System Overview
3.57 MBBrochure, DAISY Airport Information System, Information, Public, Software SolutionsDownload
DAISY Flight Information System Modules
4.06 MBBrochure, DAISY Airport Information System, Information, Public, Software SolutionsDownload
DAISY S106 Noise Level Report Example
37.12 KBDAISY Airport Information System, Information, Public, Software SolutionsDownload
DAISY RASP Noise Monitoring Interface User Guide
903.32 KBDAISY Airport Information System, Information, Public, Software SolutionsDownload
DAISY FIVA Voice Announce Overview
268.20 KBDAISY Airport Information System, Information, Public, Software SolutionsDownload
DAISY Flight Info FIVA Demo 1
623.92 KBAudio, DAISY Airport Information System, PublicDownload
DAISY Flight Info FIVA Demo 2
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DAISY Flight Info FIVA Demo 3 French
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DAISY Airport Information System Compare Modules
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