DAISY Airport Information System – DAISY Main

The DAISY Airport Information System is administered via DAISY Main.  This is the windows application which is used to centrally update all flight movements and linked additional information.

The reporting modules enable management, finance, CAA Statistics reports and Environmental Noise Monitoring Statistics reports to be easily produced.

Searching of all historical, current and forward flight movements can be via date or wildcard text searching such as aircraft registration, operator ICAO etc.

Below are an array of example screen shots from the DAISY Airport Information System.

Flight Movements are entered into the DAISY PPR, normally by Operations but could be by any other person or department with appropriate admin security rights.  These movements are entered much like in a diary fashion, so can be daily, weekly, future movements, or via scheduled flights.  These movements may, or not, be included on the public FIDS.


Cargo Log
Cargo Flight Movements are an extension to PPR, complete with additional fields.  These movements are not included on the public FIDS.

Dispatch Admin
Passenger movements are entered into the Dispatch log and can then be used for later analysis, CAA stats, management and accounting requirements.

Flight, passenger and cargo movements are filtered through to the finance module which allows for invoicing of movements, passenger, cargo, ramp charges, fuel etc.  The output from this module can be interfaced directly with the accounting software such as Sage in order to create sales order or invoices directly.  All strictly under the control of finance department.

Section 106 Environmental Noise Monitoring Statistics are automatically collated, based on individual flight movements, noise monitor(s) and weather information at the time of the movement.  The output from this can then be used to create Section 106 reports.

The extended search option allows fast access to a range of system look ups.

DAISY Airport Information System


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