With a vast range of off-the-shelf software available, it is still important to get the right product or solution for your company’s requirements. Quite often off-the-shelf may meet most of your needs but still some manual intervention, work arounds or extra functions are required.

On the other hand, Microsoft Excel is a popular method of allowing users to manipulate data but quite often we find duplicated data, or data which has been updated in one spreadsheet but not in another. This can get very messy and not the ideal for long term data management. Equally no auditing is maintained and important data can get easily lost.

DitroniX specialise in looking closely at your specific business requirements, procedures, paper trails and systems, quite often with a holistic view of other important needs you may have, and then work with you to provide the right and most cost effective solution.

  • Bespoke Software Integration and User Programs
  • Bespoke Databases and Management
  • Custom Utilities and Software Functions
  • Custom Sage ‘Front End’ or User Interface

A bespoke solution quite often is a mix of a Database and Windows or Web based software application. However, these need to integrate together to meet your corporate needs and equally ease of use for the users.

Corporate data, however small, or large, the company, normally has some interaction with an accounting system (Sales, purchase or stock control ledger for example). Whether this process is currently manual or automated, as established Sage Developers, we have the experience of looking at how this can be better managed.

Looking at your accounting and data needs of a company, together with existing procedures, we are able to provide a suitable custom Microsoft Windows, Web based application or database which will directly and securely interface to your Sage data.

For further details of our bespoke software and database solutions and we they can help you, please feel free to contact us.