Providing quality support, when it’s needed, is an important part of our services for both existing and new solutions.

  • Project Scoping and Documentation
  • Business Processes and Controls
  • Design, Testing, Implementation and Training
  • User Support and Quality Management Controls
  • Remote and On-Site Technical Support

This process starts in providing professional customer support through project scoping, documentation, business processes, leading up eventual design, through to testing, implementation, training and after-sales.

In addition, applications designed by DitroniX include a quality control monitoring mechanism within the software and database fault monitoring process, where possible. This allows for both automatic and/or manual reporting of any system problems, support needs and feedback.

Our support ticketing system logs all submissions and provides an automatic ticket number, and then allocates a severity in which to be resolved or auctioned as needed. Email alerts are used to confirm the ticket support reference and any subsequent actions taken.

Provision of remote access software/database support and telephone support would normally be part of our continued support service and any optional software support maintenance. This would be within the project remit and in line with your remote network security access policy. All remote and on-site support is logged on time sheets which can be reported if required.

For further details of our software and database support services and how they can help you, please feel free to contact us.